Can't Take You Anywhere

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my mom is crazy. (old news)

Hi S, hope u r ok, hope u wished Ur Dad even a belated happy Father’s Day.

Maybe u could email Kenneth:

Maybe u could get some ideas from him as he is very patient and loves to mentor young people, 

that’s what he told u when we 1st met at his factory in china, he got u to eat sharks fin soup (even though I fed it to u when I had it when u were a baby).

I have to wash hair now, 

1st cut with new guy in SM at Salon Tosca (Admir), c how looks when washes myself he uses straight iron! 

I have ucla appt again today, may get Botox I’m my ass to c if helps

Miss u Love mum

My new kitten 生先 :)
Beer is good for the soul (at Williamsburg Brooklyn- Home)
285 Kent #brooklyn #electro #DJ #newyork


Victor Maury

I used to go to school with this guy. He’s amazingly talented. 

I fucking love Godzilla. 

Destroy All Monsters (1968)
Original Japanese poster

Don’t Let One Bad Day Stop You From Reaching Your Goal.
to die for.